The Latest Lorry Parking Area Gates

If you are in the market for state-of-the-art auto parking gateways and also access control units, facility supervisors are normally more interested in just how that they can most effectively take in sales revenue and bar trucks that don't display licenses.

Transportation management is also a significant problem when it comes to enormous car parks which typically deal with motor vehicles as well as trucks hanging around in a queue in order to get in or exit.

Property administrators in charge of car parks deal with 2 major factors whenever picking which sort of accessibility supervision...

Uber Will Invest $250m In The Middle East, Where It Has Been Expanding Aggressively.

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The money will help the ride-hailing service to expand in the Middle East, where the company says 80% of its Saudi Arabian users are women. Women are banned from driving themselves in the country. The new funding values Uber at $62.5bn and will put one of the fund's managing directors, Yasir al-Rumayyan, on the board. The investment from the Public Investment Fund, set up by the kingdom to develop the country and invest its oil revenues, was part of Uber's most recent fundraising round. Uber will invest $250m in